Personal Vaporizers (E-Cigarettes)

Cahaba Vapes is located in the the Forestdale Square Shopping Center on
U.S. Highway 78 in the Forestdale Community of Jefferson County, AL.



Common Sense Benefits

  • Avoid Prescription Drugs like Chantix and Wellbutrin
  • Avoid Over-the-Counter products like Nicotine gums or patches
  • Control your Nicotine Intake
  • Vape is customizable to your lifestyle



Financial Benefits

  • A healthier you means fewer Doctor Visits
  • Cheaper than Traditional Tobacco Products
  • On average save 40 to 60 percent over Traditional Tobacco Products
  • No more convenience store runs




Social Benefits

  • No Ashes
  • May Use Indoors
  • No Cigarette Butts
  • No Awful Tobacco Odors
  • No Smoker’s Breath